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Not a good day

Needed to get out of bed, kept falling back asleep, probably could have slept most of the day
Got up, oatmeal and today coffee
I try to stay away from caffeine, one reason it can cause inflammation. But sometimes it can stimulate my colon, its been slower lately.
I was ok for a bit then felt awful, i had cramping on and off the rest of the day.

Fever all day
Could not focus on tv or computer and too weak to do much physically
Wait...i did some laundry and vaccumed all downstairs. Thats something at least.

It was so humid today, i guess it poured last nite, didnt hear it.
So i wanted to take quick shower to wash off the ick
Was a little shaky, weak.

Made an appt with a Rheum. It would be the 5th of july
I told mom she didnt have to go, but its 4 hours away so she wanted to.
She said we might have to go the day before, then realized it was the 4th.
I said, is that ok? I mean i dont know what she wants to do if we stayed....we have no family to share with and my grandmas in the nursing home.
I didnt say that though
Really not sure what shes thinking but i just said whatever she wants to do is ok, which is.
I mean i dont think my brother is coming up....they just moved down there.

I just think i would like to take this appt.

My moms car turned out to be a lemon.
The shop showed them all the oil sludge built up from past owner.

Hope tomorrow is better, no coffee.

I really want to feel good enough to make haystacks and watch the Belmont tomorrow. I missed the second race. Think i saw the last triple crown win though.
Might have to cool it on the food, more liquids, applesauce, and popsicles.

12:17 a.m. - 2018-06-09


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